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Utorrent For Chrome Plugin crx extension download

μTorrent or the uTorrent is a proprietary adware BitTorrent client owned & developed by Rainberry, Inc. With more than 150 million users.

Utorrent Overview

Send Link to U-torrent For Chrome

U-torrent Overview
U-torrent Overview
  • It is used to send a link to the u-torrent program with the “Utorrent for Chrome” extension. It is not used to download content those are found on the websites.
  • It sends the link of torrent files on the websites to the U-torrent program.
U-torrent ID & PASS
U-torrent ID & PASS


How to use “U-torrent for Chrome” extension?

  1. After installed U-torrent program on users computer .
  2. The u-torrent program opens.
  3. Advanced in Program . Web User Interface . Username & password are determined on the page with the Web User Interface. The port number is selected.
  4. On the same page and the folder where the files will be saved is selected.
  5. The U-torrent for Chrome extension is installed & the settings on the first page are done.
  6. 1st users have to Right-click on the torrent site to download & click on the “ADD TORRENT” button displaying.
  7. Download link automatically goes to u-torrent program.
WebsiteClick here for utorrent free download for mac windows Linux Android
Download chrome extensionCLICK HERE
DIRECT LINK https://www.utorrent.com/

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