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Free Movie Apps

Top 14 Best Legally Free Movie Apps to Watch Movies

we found a list of some amazing free movie apps to watch movies online. The best part is that these free movie apps are totally legal.

Top 14 best Free Movie Apps To Watch Movies

In this list, we’ve shared our list of Top 14 best free movie apps.All the apps on this list are officially available on Android and iOS or in android on their respective app stores, like Google Play Store and App Store.

You wouldn’t need to install in APKs from third-party sources, whether it is Android or iOS.Some apps might have different subscription plans. Let’s begin with the list without any further delays.

1- Tubi TV (Free)

Tubi - Free Movie Apps

Tubi TV is 1 of the famous and popular free movie apps. It comes with a huge catalog of movies categorize into their respective class like thriller,horror, romance and lot more. It stays up to date always because has partnership with some of the biggest Hollywood Studios out there. Those include Paramount Pictures, Warner Bros and lots more.

You can watch movies of high quality and just play as smooth as soft cheese. Best part is that every movie come with subtitles included. Another great Feature is its no hidden subscriptions. All you need to do is sign-in and you are ready to enjoy movies for free.

2- Sony Crackle

sony crackle - Free Movie Apps

Sony Crackle is another popular free app available on the Play Store for watching stream TV Shows and Movies online. Sony Crackle has a huge list of movies that can be streamed without any subscription but Ads will on the App.

They also partnered with some best and big production houses. Users are also allows to download and the movies can be stored offline. Given its huge range of movies and the strong and solid trust of Sony, this app is safe and you should try once.

Attributes of Crackle:

  • Quick loading time
  • ALLOWS FOR Free account with data storage
  • It Support HD videos and also allows all other resolution videoes as well.
  • Amazing User-Interface and very easy navigation.
  • Large collection of movies from Sony and other Partner production houses.

3- Popcornflix (Free)

popcornflix - Free Movie Apps

Popcornflix is also 1 of the best free movie apps which has vast collection of movies.It is available worldwide instead of being limited to specific countries and continents. It has a huge range of titles for streaming in different video qualities for free of cost. The interesting part of the app is that it works even on slow internet connections without having any problem or issue.

The app is super smooth to use, and the streaming is also very smooth. You also get to see many different exclusive content from Popcornflix called Pocornflix Originals. 1 thing to remember is that the movie player is a slidely annoying, but it is fully loaded with features and plays videos smoothly .Popcornflix also permits you to stream TV shows online for free.

4- Crunchyroll, Funimation, VRV (changeable Pricing)

Crunchyroll, Funimation, and VRV are the top class for streaming anime or animation to some additional content. These are few free movie apps that can fullfill your animation or anime thirsts. Crunchyroll presents animation or anime in subbed format generally. Similarly, Funimation covers animation or anime in dubbed form. VRV, on the other hand, deals with both covered and dubbed anime needs.

They do shows ads as they are free to some extent. You can also watch some free animation or anime, but you can not get them at the same time as paying subscribers. A little delay is much more preferable than spending money.You also get to see few indie content on some of these apps as well.You can choose whichever you like to enjoy.

5- Pluto TV (Free)

pluto tv - Free Movie Apps

Pluto is another best free movie apps available on the web. Pluto is feature-rich and offers huge lists of content includeing movies and TV shows for free, Owned by Viacom Inc. Pluto TV has some special content that you can not find in any other apps. To access Pluto TV, you need to register for a free account where you don’t get asked for any money. Now you’re all set to go.

You’ll see some ads and it will be a small fee to pay for the free movies and TV shows you’re will be watching. The UI is simple and easy to use. Pluto TV is recommended for you only if you’re looking for a huge collection of movies online.

6- Yidio (changeable Pricing)

yidio - Free Movie Apps
yidio – Free Movie Apps

Yidio is one of the free movie apps which lets you search for any movie and it points to the sources which include other free movie platforms. Supports more than 299 streaming services like Amazon Prime Video, Netflix, Hulu, and many more.

It has a huge content library which makes sense because of the collection of content from other apps. Thing that you might consider -> Yidio will mention many subscription-based services. It might show you the path for the right service to play those free movies.

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7- Vudu (Free)

vudu - yidio - Free Movie Apps

Vudu is another fantastic app for the streaming of free movies online. It has a huge collection of titles that you have not seen on any other free movie apps. It is due to the ad-supported system it has. Means, you’ll encounter some ads before you get to present with the free movie.

Vudu is 1 of the top free movie apps which gives you access to a huge list of movies without even paying anything from your pocket. you’ve to sign in to this app if you want to browse the huge catalog of movies and then You will have the option to watch the movies for free in your preferred quality.

Simply remember to choose the “Free” option (tab) while looking for free movies which were released recently.

8- SnagFilms (Free)

snag films- Free Movie Apps

SnagFilms is another free movie apps, which is excellent for watching online independent movies and documentaries. There is a huge collection of documentaries and the quality is also pretty nice. The list of all movies and documentaries are of high quality which it keeps growing every day.

It is available for free but it has ads which might annoying you a little – you know nothing comes for free. The catalog basis is on indie and classic films, 1 might not expect the current film releases on SnagFilms. Give a try and you wouldn’t be disappointed for sure.

9- Disney & Hotstar (changeable Pricing)

disney+hotstar- Free Movie Apps

Hotstar is the promised land for Indian movie lovers and is 1 of the most popular free movie apps. It provides vast list of TV shows, movies, and sports. Hotstar woned by the Star TV Network and gets access to a huge list of content.

The collection available on Hotstar are both free and paid. The free collection of movies and TV shows are also amazing. The paid verson will give you access to international movies and TV shows. Try once for free if you haven’t yet.

10- Kodi (Free)

kodi- Free Movie Apps

Kodi is a media server application which acts like 1 of the free movie apps. It allows you access your offline media content on your device from another devices. Kodi also provides you add-ons. It has a huge library of add-ons, which makes your experience amazing on the app.

But this app has add-ons which still give you access to free movies. Although we don’t suggest piracy in any terms, and you shouldn’t too if you want to be on the right side. The add-ons like USTVNow, allowing you watch TV channels and movies without any cost.

11- FilmRise (Free)

filmrise- Free Movie Apps

FilmRise is a online streaming service that provides free movies as well as TV shows. The UI is very simple and comfortable to use as well. The home screen of the app display with some best movies when you log in.

FilmRise has vast gathering of movies and TV shows. You’ll see some minor ads before you start watching the movie for yourself.Most of the movies available on this app are classic ones and latest ones are a rarity found on this app.

12- Movie Anywhere (Free)

movies anywhere- Free Movie Apps

Movie Anywhere is 1 of the top free movie apps which allows you tovwatch thousands of movies for free and all of them in Full HD quality. The app contains many movie titles along with its trailers and description. Additionally this app provides links to the respective movies by linking out to external sources such as Netflix, Prime Video, and many more.

It contains the most popular movies list for each week to watch.Undoubtly the best apps you can try to watch free movie apps on your smartphone.

13- Cinema HD

cinema hd- Free Movie Apps

Cinema HD is the best free online streaming app currently available on the internet. The app is mix of both ShowBox and Terrarium TV. It is the No-1 alternative to ShowBox HD. Cinema HD streaming App have many features providing to the user for free. when you simpleySearch for a movie you will getting numbers of streaming and downloading options .

simpley search for the movie and a list will displayed, Next click on the link to play the video, all you need is a good internet connectivity.

Attributes of Cinema HD

  • Luckyly there are no annoying Ads.
  • Support HD videoes and also allows different resolution viewing.
  • Subtitles are also available for the best experience.
  • Easy to use.
  • Also have option to download movies and watch them later on.

14- MX Player (Free)

mx player- Free Movie Apps

MX Player is 1 of the most popular and well-known media player App for Android. You can enjoy premium Movies, Web Series, MX Originals, TV Shows, and Live TV for Free but with Ad Support. VPN could let you access the vast content for free from anywhere in the world.

Attributes of MX Player:

  • Clean and simple user interface
  • Numbers of Bollywood and hollywood movies
  • Web Originals
  • Live TV and many More

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