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Ping Test

Ping Test

Ping is a computer network administration software utility used to test the reachability of a host on an Internet Protocol (IP) network. It is available for virtually all operating systems that have networking capability, including most embedded network administration software.

Ping Measures The Round-Trip Time For Messages Sent From The Originating Host To A Destination pc That square measure Echoed Back To The supply. The Name Comes From Active measuring device word That Sends A Pulse Of Sound And Listens For The Echo To observe Objects below Water.

Ping Operates By causing web management Message Protocol (ICMP) Echo Request Packets To The Target Host associate degreed awaiting An ICMP Echo Reply.

The Program Reports Errors, Packet Loss, And A applied math outline Of The Results, generally together with The Minimum, Maximum, The Mean Round-Trip Times, And variance Of The Mean.

What will Ping Stand For?

According to the author, the name Ping comes from sonar terminology. In sonar, a ping is an audible sound wave sent out to find an object.

If The Sound Hits the article, The Sound Waves can mirror, Or Echo, Back To The supply. the space and site Of the article may be Determined By measure The Time And Direction Of The Returning acoustic wave.

Similarly, The Ping Command Sends Out associate degree Echo Request. If It Finds The Target System, The Remote Host Sends Back associate degree Echo Reply. the space (Number Of Hops) To The Remote System may be Determined From The Reply, further because the Conditions mediate (Packet Loss And Time To Respond).

While The Author Of The Ping Utility aforementioned The Name Of The Program Was merely supported The Sound Of measuring device, Others typically Say That Ping Is associate degree word form For Packet web Groper.

The Following is that the Output Of Running Ping On UNIX system For causing 5 Probes To The Target Host www.85degr.com:

Ping Test
Ping test

How to use

For Such a little, Basic Utility, The Ping Command may be A Valuable Tool In various things. As A Command-Line primarily based Utility, Ping Lends Itself To straightforward Use In numerous Scripts, leaving various Pings To Run And Be Recorded For All Manner Of Usage. as an example, The Output Of The Ping Command will simply Be Piped To A document For Later Review.


Perhaps the foremost Common Use Of The Ping Utility Is In Troubleshooting. once attempting To Use Applications Or Systems Over A Network, the foremost necessary issue to grasp is that if there’s truly A operating affiliation. A Series Of Ping Commands will facilitate confirm What the matter Is.

A Quick Ping By science Address can ensure That The System Is On, That there’s A affiliation, which the 2 Machines will check with one another.

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