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the Windows 10 update

Install the Windows 10 update May 2021 – 21H1 now

The Windows 10 Update May 2021 is here! Microsoft has started bringing up the update by its Windows Update tool, additionally made the latest Windows 10 ISO available to download for system builders and those looking to take advantage of the update to reinstall a clean, pristine and new version of the operating system.

Do you nkow What’s new in the May 2021 Update, codenamed of Windows 10, version 21H1? It’s not like the previous spring updates, which is spotlighted by how easily and quickly it installs on those updating from either previous year’s 2004 or 20H2 updates.

In fact, there are only three changes spotlighted by Microsoft. The 1st is the headline assurance of improved performance when users working remotely — a thinly covered nod to the development in home and remote Defender. The tool’s Application Guard

should take less time to scan all the documents for security concerns.

the Windows 10 update May 2021
check out – The Windows 10 update May 2021

Steps for the Windows 10 update May 2021

The easiest way to install the 21H1 update is via Windows Update.1st- Go to ‘Start menu > Settings > Update & Security > Windows Update’ and look for the prompt (see screenshot above).

Now Click ‘Download and install’ and the update will be installed within few minutes. Unlike other major important updates, there is no such post-setup wizard to navigate , the update literally installs just like a normal monthly update.

Don’t be too disappointed though — rumors recommend that Windows 10 is about to get a huge facelift when 21H2 rolls out later on this year.

Facing problem while updating..

The update may not yet appear for all machines , but wait a few days or consult with the Windows release health website for details of any compatibility issues which may be blocking the update on your computer. The site is also the place to visit and to review any known issues with the recent update .

For example, you might experience a high-pitched sound when using 5.1 audio with certain set of settings. Workarounds which include streaming in a different app or disabling structural sound.

Alternatively, Now you may decide is the perfect time to perform a clean reinstall of Windows in your pc, in which case download the ISO file to create bootable DVD or flash drive, then boot from bootable DVD or flash drive to wipe your hard drive clean and start again.

You should not forget to back up first — take a fail-safe drive image using a tool like Macrium Reflect Free if nothing else.

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