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WhatsApp Web

How To Properly Use WhatsApp Web

You know a tool known as WhatsApp Web gained popularity in the modern world when most of your friends use it daily as part of their life.

WhatsApp is 1 of the very pertinent example.

It is 1 of the most widespread and popular instant messaging services in the world.

WhatsApp is also having a web extension, simply known as WhatsApp Web. It expands the functionality of the smartphone app by allowing you the opportunity of sending instant messages to your contacts from a web browser as well.

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There are nubers of shortcuts you can use on WhatsApp Web, however you likely haven’t heard of them.

These are some examples you might be like it:

  • Ctrl + N: Start new chat
  • Ctrl + Shift + ]- Next chat
  • Ctrl + Shift + [- Previous chat
  • Ctrl + Shift + M- Mute chat
  • Ctrl + Shift + U- Mark as unread
  • Ctrl + Backspace- Delete chat
  • Ctrl + Shift + N- Create new group
  • Ctrl + E- Archive chat

Searching for emojis isn’t very pleasant on a computer or pc. There is something about using a mouse to search for the perfect emoji that just doesn’t feel perfect.

However, there is new way of inserting emojis into your chat:

Hit/Tap colon (:) and then simply type in the name of the emoji you are searching for. The search will commence as soon as you begin typing & the emojis that match the text will be displayed, making it much simpler & easy to find what you are looking for.

Also, by using the shift+ tab to highlight the emoji icon. From there, you can tab to scroll through the 100s of available emojis.

Also, simply by pressing the tab button permits you to navigate through the chat you are viewing with the help of the arrow keys.

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