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Best screen recording apps for iPhone and Android

Best screen recording apps : May be you have seen many tutorials recorded on computers, especially on YouTube videos. But do you ever think how to do this on your smartphone? Normally this kinds of videos are done with cellphone screen recording app.

In this article, we’re going to provide you the best screen-recording apps for mobile devices so that you can also create amazing videos for your fans or users.

Top 10 Android screen recording apps tips

If your mobile runs on Android version 5.0 or higher, your device is capable to record your screen. Let’s find out few of these apps.

1. AZ Screen Recorder

AZ Screen Recorder can be download from the google Play Store for free. This app allows you to record good-quality videos and also has a feature that enables the capturing of audio as well during the recording.

The final recording file will export directly to your phone’s gallery, but the app also have an internal gallery if needed. The AZ Screen Recorder got 4.6 rating on google Play Store, one of the highest ratings among the apps in this Screen Recorder category.

2. Unlimited Screen Record

Unlimited Screen Record can capture any content from your mobile phone without any duration limit and with the option of setting you made the number of frames per second.

Other settings include recording resolution and orientation, which can be either horizontal or vertical and also audio recording.

3. OneShot

OneShot is 1 of the simplest app to use screen-recording. After the installation, simply select the Capture Screen option to start the recording.

Additionaly, this app has an internal gallery where you can quickly access the video just after the recording.

You can also adjust the resolution and speed of the content, besides enabling audio volume from the cellphone’s microphone, it is an ideal option for those who want to create a tutorial or a gameplay video.

4. Screen Recorder

Screen Recorder has a very simple interface. You can record videos without any limit in duration, an important feature for those who work with longe explaination videos or tutorials.

However, you should pay attention so that the content doesn’t take up app’s entire internal gallery. The bad thing is that, Screen Recorder cannot record audio in its free version and for this feature, you need to upgrade to premium version, which will costs nearly USD $ 1.00.

5. Rec

Rec is one of the most popular after cell phone screen recorders among users. It is because the content maker can record in high quality, allowing you to capture videos of up to 5 minutes with Full HD.

The app has features that are very basic, which can be downloaded for free at google Play Store. The premium version permits you for high-resolution recording up to one hour, which costs USD $ 7.99, which is expensive when you compared to the other apps from this list.

5.1. RecordCast

RecordCast is a free Screen recording and video editing made easy, no download and payment needed. It is Free Online Screen Recorder and Video Editor.Try once and you will love it.

Some of its key features:

  • 100% Free
  • online screen recording tool
  • No registration or download required.
  • Make screen capture of the whole screen, application windows or browser, switch as per you need.
  • Having no time limit for recording for both video and audio.
  • Editing can be done with its built-in editor and this make RecordCast unique. when you are done just download or share anywhere
  • Best for tutorial,project and online recording of games that you play

6. Mobizen

1st You need to Register in order to access Mobizen. It can be used on both smartphone and PC.

Unique feature of Mobizen app: a floating button that permits you to access its features from anywhere on the screen of your cellphone without any modification on the applications!

7. Lollipop Screen Recorder

Lollipop Screen Recorder has a very simple User interface and doesn’t have any advanced recording features.

However,as per your need you can configure the camera’s orientation and use the audio recorder in the app.

But pay serious attention. As the name implies, Lollipop Screen Recorder only works on those smartphones running Android version 5.0 or higher version.

8. Ilos Screen Recorder

Ilos Screen Recorder also having very simple UI commands, but includes little extra features.

With Ilos Screen Recorder app, you can use your mobile’s audio or enable the microphone to record your own voice, which is pretty interesting feature if your content is a tutorial.

This app also permits you to choose among many recording options and includes an internal gallery, which automatically organizes the recorded content in your device.

9. Telecine

Simple, but nicely structured, Telecine includes very useful and easy-to-use features. 1 of them is the option of hiding the notifications received by cellphone during the recording. This permits you to prevent your incomming messages from interfering at the time of tutorial, in addition, to preserve your privacy.

The app also covers audio commands and an internal gallery, that can be quickly accessed after you finish your recording. And all of this for free!

10. SCR Screen Recorder

SCR Screen Recorder is one of the most suggested Android cellphone screen recorders. You can record audio-video and also have another option of using the phone camera during the recording.

The main problem is that in order to access the app, you need root privileges, i.e., enable super user features. However, this process is only suggested for advanced users.

screen recording apps tips for iPhone

We have already listed 10 Android cellphone screen-recording app, this doesn’t mean that iPhone users have been left out for screen-recording app tips!

If you’re 1 of them, you can also download and install any of the app listed below to record your videos:

11. QuickTime

QuickTime is Apple’s default video player, i.e., it’s only available on Apple’s devices.This is Because, it has great integration with Apple’s iPhones and iPads, and access to advanced features as well.

For example: With QuickTime, you can set up the recording quality and use external audio recorders to create videos with professional-quality audio.

12. Airshou

Airshou is one of the most common and popular apps among professionals who create tutorials for games or other programs. Not sure Why? Because it permits you to record all the content displayed on your iPhone screen for free.

The main or best features is the ability to record videoes in 1080p (Full HD) and 60 fps with stereo audio recording, also having floating recording controls and no jailbreak required.

13. Reflector

Reflector is a common and popular screen mirroring and recording app for different devices, plus iPhones.

Amazing unique features of this app compared to others are audio recording from the device or microphone, YouTube live streaming, screen capturing of various devices, and video quality settings.

commonly used by professionals, Reflector is available at the Apple App Store for the price of USD $ 14.99.

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