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AdBlock – Best ad blocking tool Chrome plug-in, crx extension download

AdBlock is Best ad blocking tool to Block ads and pop-ups on social media like-Twitter,YouTube, Facebook, Twitch, and also for websites


Characteristics of are as follows :

  • Block all the pop-ups, ads, and irritating banners (even remove video ads!) on Twitter, YouTube, Facebook, Twitch, and all your favorite sites.
  • Block all the third-party online trackers and protect your privacy which is really important.
  • Browse safely by blocking all the maliciousor venomous ads with malware-software programmes, scams, and cryptocurrency miners
  • Improve the page load times and enjoy yourself with the faster Internet speed
  • Customize your good experience with filters like : whitelists, dark mode, and other colorful themes
  • Backup and sync your custom ad blocking rules and whitelists all-over your Chrome profiles
  • You can also able to Enjoy the custom ad blocking by replacing some ads with pictures of cats, dogs, and landscapes according to you
  • Get fast and very good support from the AdBlock support team, also a robust Help Center

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Important Factors

AdBlock is free ad blocker to block all the ads allover on the internet. AdBlock also secure your browser from all types of malware and stops the advertisers to accessing your browsing and personal information.

It works automatically. Just simplly click “Add to Chrome,” then visit your favorite website and see the ads will be not appear any more.You can Alaways Choose to continue seeing unobtrusive ads, also whitelist your favorite websites, or block all types of ads as -by default.

As AdBlock participates in the Acceptable Ads program or process, therefore unobtrusive ads are not blocked by default in order provide support to websites. We believe people should control themself about what they see on the internet, so you can easily manage in the AdBlock’s settings area.

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